Tax return review is a crucial step of the tax-paying process for any business in Bromley. Every company has to deal with tax every year, and following all the right steps throughout the process will only lead to benefits. A good tax review process will save you a lot of later trouble and give you peace of mind. So in this article, we discuss a simple and easy 3-step tax review process any business in Bromley can adopt. But first, let’s look at what accounting and tax returns mean for a business. 

What is accounting? 

Accounting is the practice of recording financial transactions that happen within a business. Moreover, accounting comprises recording, reporting, analysing, and summarising financial transactions. This recorded information can become crucial when doing taxes, applying for loans, and getting oversights. 

Mainly there are two types of accounting that every business has to deal with. They are

  • Managerial accounting – helps management teams to make business decisions. 
  • Cost accounting -helps business owners to decide on the price of a product. 

For many business owners, accounting might sound complex. So, if you are ever in doubt or find all this complicated, don’t hesitate to get the help of an accountant in Bromley, like Philip Nolan. 

What is a tax return? 

Taxes are a vital part of any business. Also, it is a way of raising revenue that helps the government to meet their budgetary demands. On the same note, the tax return is the documentation that needs to be filled out in order to pay taxes. Moreover, with the help of this documentation, taxpayers can calculate the payment and check if they are eligible for any tax refunds. 

What is the tax return review process? 

Completing the tax return papers without any mistakes is a must for any business to avoid unnecessary issues with the IRS. In order to make sure everything is in order and has no errors, it is wise to do a review of the tax return before sending it to HMRC. One such review method is the 3-step tax return review process. 

3-step tax return review process

This is a simple 3-step process to review a tax return by yourself. 
Step 1 – Follow the checklists. 
Follow the uniform procedures and fill out the form accurately. 
Step 2 – Review the tax comparison worksheet. 
With the help of the preparation software, compare the current and prior year of every return. 
Step 3 – Send the return with a bill. 
Make sure to send the bill with the return. 

Why should you get help from Philip Nolan for your Tax Return review process? 

Hiring an experienced accountant like us can change your tax return review process forever. We will help you to make sure everything is right to the smallest details on your behalf, so you have one less thing to worry about in your business. 

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