Having the correct startup legal documents in the London establishes solid relationships between founders, team members, and investors. The negligence to have critical legal documents in place is one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs in the London can make. Thus, you should be aware of the legal documents needed for your startup and ensure a solid foundation for your company.
Let’s find out legal documents that are essential to a business startup in the London .

Startup Founders’ Agreement

This is one of the main startup legal documents required in the London . It comprises details about the ownership, investment, and equity between the founders of the company.
This document sets the standards required to commence the ongoing process, and responsible authorities should have a clear understanding of the basic points of the agreement. Ownership rights and operational responsibilities must be in the Startup Founders’ Agreement.

Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

The nondisclosure agreement is another important legally-binding document. An NDA protects your start up’s secrets, resources and assets from competitors or other third parties, who may use company-related confidential knowledge to its detriment. It is always a good idea to sign an NDA when you bring in a new investor, partner, employee, third-party service provider or freelancer to your business. 
The document should clearly mention the parties signing the NDA and define the confidential information and non-confidential information.

Shareholder and investor agreements

A shareholder agreement is another key contract for startups. This document is crucial when you have more than a few shareholders. If you are anticipating further rounds of investment, shareholder agreement becomes a key factor.
This document outlines the shareholders’ right to transfer shares, power to manage, and right of first refusal and thus helps to govern the relationship between founders and shareholders.

Employee Contracts

This is one of the crucial legal documents needed to start a business in the London. This refers to the agreement between the employer and employee. The document should define the employee’s rights, duties, and responsibilities in a clear format along with the rules and regulations and terms and conditions of the company.
The employee contracts have to be signed before an employee starts working for the company agreeing to the company’s terms and regulations.


Bylaws are administrative and managerial rules. And it’s important to maintain the bylaws in written forms. During turbulent conditions, bylaws support the startup’s long-term organizational integrity. They also provide guidance for the operational composition of the company.

Having the right legal document in place is essential for any startup’s success. Creating legal documentation can be expensive; however, it will all be worth it when they can shield your company legally against the critical issues that arise when working with all types of stakeholders involved in the business. Hiring a business consultant in the London is always a good idea to understand the type of legal documents that your London startup requires. After that, you can get the help of a business lawyer to create all the agreements and contracts and other needed documents.

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