Everybody pictures a person with suits, briefcase, and some old guy that is good with numbers when anyone says, accountant. The accounting field is considered serious, boring and quite dull and thus the person that does that isn’t considered to be quite entertaining as well. The myths about accountants are all wrong and there is a wide range of personalities that learn and perform accounting. It is best to declare that they are not the feisty combination of stress and suit.

In the past decade, accountants have shown their potential in the other fields as well including fashion influencers , innovators, actors, and even spies. They have written a wide range of books, fought against corporate crimes and injustice and mostly they ensure the compliance of business law. The more you know about accounting professionals, the more you would get surprised by knowing about their interests in other walks of life as well.

Let’s talk about some famous accountants and get to know them closely about their other interests in life that can show that they are quite lively and not boring at all. The first personality is the father of accounting double entry system Luca Pacioli is famously known as the close friend of Leonardo da Vinci. He was close to Leonardo da Vinci when he was making the renowned painting of “The Last Supper”.

The first known book of fashion was written by the accountant Matthäus Schwarz in which he shows the different collections of fashion items that he wore in forty years. He wore those clothes on important events of his life including his marriage, his father’s funeral and important meetings of his professional life.

Accountants are also in the fields of rock and roll. To names, a few Mick Jagger and Robert Plant have studied accounting before taking the world of music by storm. And do you remember the famous saxophonist Kenny G? He had studied accounting too.

These accountants choose other fields but some accountants chose to expand their business knowledge and innovate in that field. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike was an accountant and also the founder of Home Depot.

The next time you encountered some professional accountant, don’t assume the typical and try to find out their hidden life!!

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