Having the right tool in your London-based business can improve the effectiveness of operations and the quality of your service. Here are the top 5 business essentials that’ll help get your London business from the conceptual to the expansion phase in no time.

A Personal Computer (PC)

Be it a laptop or a desktop, a PC ranks #1 on our list of business essentials. Whether it’s checking on your emails or keeping an eye on your competitor’s website, a PC is the most powerful business tool that you could have at your hands right now.
Do not give in to the attitude of “what a PC can do; my smartphone can’t” as this is not the reality in the business realm. A fast, resilient, power-packed PC with ample storage capacity is what you should look for when buying a PC for your business.

Social Media

Social media helps hunt your target audience for you with surreal ease. Validate the presence of your branding via Social Media so that it isn’t just another business in London. It’s hassle-free and organized and grants you the option to advertise and gain useful insights on users and their interactions with your page.
Generating grand revenues consistently isn’t too far-fetched – it’s just a solid PR campaign or a viral post away with the reach modern-day Social Media can generate.


While surfing the web, customers need to have a page to redirect to know more about the business and the goods and services you offer. Failure to have your own website will only allow competitors to gain all web traffic towards their sites with every search query.
Get to building your own London business website: bearing simplicity, easily digestible and aesthetics feed, call to action and key information in mind.

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Most London businesses break down their strategic goals into project-based phases. It’s a daunting task to keep track of countless projects and their respective KPIs – in your head or on pen and paper.
So ditch the outdated paper-based practices and let project management tools do the work for you. They are home to interactive UI’s, and graphical informatics and serve as a one-stop platform for all your project’s needs.

Accounting Software

Finally, on our business essentials list are what will better help you visualize and record your cash flows. Accounting software is affordable, readily available, and easy to use. It will help you maintain close tabs on your assets, liabilities, incomes, and expenditures.
As most London businesses scale-up and their accounts tend to get much more complex with time. A good accounting software will be able to easily upgrade to suit your growing needs without compromising the reliability and convenience of the whole process. If you have no clue about the best accounting software to buy for your company, get in touch with our accounting experts for a consultation session.

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