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No business is immune to HRMC investigations, even the most compliant ones. HRMC has the right to check your records especially when it suspects there is fraudulent behavior or serious errors in your tax returns. They use a team of data mining experts and tools to flag off inconsistencies in returns as well as identify uncommon trends different from your industry counterparts.

Other times, the HRMC may just select the businesses at random to scrutinize their records. To that end, your accounts and books should always be error-free, well kept, and readily available should HRMC require an audit. Keeping all records of transactions will help you avert the stressful audits and make the investigations a smooth sail. However, ensuring accuracy and consistency may not always be possible especially if your accounting processes are ad hoc and poorly done. Having a team of reliable accounting experts that will guide you on the process of HRMC audits, therefore, becomes paramount to help avert the ramifications of a negative audit report.

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Expert accountants have extensive experience in HRMC audits. They know precisely what triggers these audits and how to correct any mistakes made in your reports. You, therefore, gain an advantage over HRMC when you bring them onboard. And Philip Nolan Accountants are precisely your go-to experts for such situations. Having been in the industry for an extensive period, we know the ins and outs of each HRMC investigation and will guide you through the process professionally to help you come out the other end as clean as possible. Call us now!

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