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At Philip Nolan Accountants, we understand the needs for every company to have quality payroll management and we have set up measures in place to ensure this is successfully done for each business that comes on board.

Your employees are your greatest asset as a business. It goes without saying that your obligation as the business owner should be to ensure that all their needs are met in a timely manner, and that includes their pay. Employees can get disgruntled easily especially when they get late payments or fail to receive their benefits. And this can easily happen when your Payroll management is poorly done.

Not only will we handle your Payroll, we will help handle other employee benefits such as pension, PAYE, and even help you understand employment law.

Furthermore, our state of the art technologies will allow you to securely store your employee information such as working hours, pay slips, annual leaves for easy accessibility and management. We will virtually handle all your payroll needs including costs, calculations and deadlines to meet such obligations.

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Our highly trained team of accountants will seamlessly communicate with your management and have constant communication should you have any queries. It’s never too late to let the experts handle your payroll processes for you. Try Philip Nolan Accountants and you’ll be glad you did. Call us now!

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