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Sole proprietorships and partnerships have an obligation to assess their tax returns and file them within the government’s deadline. UK has a very complicated tax code that even experts struggle to maneuver around. If you’re a self-employed person or a partner in a partnership, it goes without saying that filing your tax is the most daunting task in your business accounting processes.

Furthermore, a small mistake in your filings and you risk being interrogated or issued with an injunction should your return contain errors. Furthermore, there are many instances that require you to file self-assessment tax returns out of your business operations. For instance, if you own real estate, if you have huge savings or investment income, if you receive income from abroad, if you have sold and asset, all require separate personal tax returns. This can be quite confusing and should be best left handled by experts.

We at Philip Nolan Accountants are all you need to have excellent self-assessment tax returns. Not only will we help you identify situations where you can save the most out of your taxes, we will help you determine the right amount of tax to pay. Additionally, in cases where you’re not able to meet this obligation on time, we can liaise with the HMRC on your behalf to set up a payment plan on your behalf. Failure to do this will attract penalties and interests.

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